Become a volunteer today!


Today, more than ever before, the services of the community are needed to strengthen our educational programs.  The diversity of students and the diversity of programs offered to meet their needs, demand resources that cannot be offered by the schools alone.  Volunteers are needed kindergarten through high school.

Volunteers are needed widely throughout the Ann Arbor School District and all that is required is your desire to help.  The Partners for Excellence Office attempts to place all volunteers between the months of October and December, but many are placed throughout the school year.

All volunteers are required to attend an orientation session.

All Ann Arbor Public School Volunteers will undergo a background check through Michigan’s iCHAT performed by the Partners for Excellence Office.

Volunteers are asked to make a minimum commitment of 16 weeks (approximately one school semester) for two hours per week.

Possible Volunteer Opportunities

  • Academic Assistant: Provide academic assistance with individual students or small groups of students at all levels.  The greatest need is at the elementary level with reading, writing, and math.  There are placements during and after school.
  • Teacher Assistant: Provide an extra set of hands for teachers by doing general tasks such as copying and organizing materials.
  • Bilingual Assistant: Persons who speak languages in addition to English to help in classrooms with our students who are English Second Language (ESL) learners by translating for students, parents, and teachers.  There is also a need to translate at parent conferences and meetings.  The most requested languages are Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.  However, all languages are welcome.  There are seventy-two languages spoken in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.