Business Partners


Local area businesses and community organizations are paired with Ann Arbor Public Schools to provide advanced opportunities and to provide supplemental instruction.

The Partners for Excellence Program is bringing the community to the classroom to benefit all those involved in the following ways:

For the schools:

  • Meeting needs beyond the resources of the school
  • Giving access to more adult role┬ámodels with expertise in specialized areas that are not traditionally available in the classroom
  • Providing students the opportunity to ┬álearn about career opportunities, how basic skills are used in the workplace and about business resources and complexities

For businesses and organizations:

  • Increasing understanding of the school system, whose health is vital to the community
  • Developing career awareness that is geared towards specific, local job market needs now and in the future
  • Increasing employee morale as a result of providing opportunities for volunteer involvement
  • Improving community image

For the community:

  • A strong school system that attracts new business and industry
  • Community involvement as a healthy positive support for education
  • A school system that produces students who are knowledgeable about employable job skills that will enhance local businesses